Thrill Rides

Cliff Hanger

Riders experience a hang gliding sensation as the Cliff Hanger glides riders over the midway while laying in their own personal hang glider.

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Hyper Loop

New for 2017 is the Hyper Loop! This spectacular thrill ride will wow riders and spectators with its over the top spinning motion.

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Pharaoh's Fury

The Pharaoh's Fury is a giant swinging ship that swings riders up to 50 feet in the air.

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Round Up

The Round Up is a classic attraction that uses force to hold its riders against the wall.

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The center rotates as riders individual carts "scramble" in two different directions.

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Sky Master

The Sky Master is a high flying looping attraction that lifts riders over 50ft above the ground.

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Riders sit in free spinning ride vehicles that rotate as they go over the various hills and valleys of the ride track.

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The Wipe Out is a unique thrill ride that spins riders forward and backward on a giant turntable.

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Yo Yo

The Yo Yo is a spectacular swing ride that spins riders 30 feet in the air while tilting at a 15 degree angle.

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The Zipper flips riders in multiple directions as each of the free spinning cages rounds end ends of the boom.

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Family Rides

Century Wheel

The Century Wheel is our largest ferris wheel, standing at over 65ft. tall.

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Euro Bungee

Kids and young adults jump as high as they want secured by large bungees.

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Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is a traditional ferris wheel, standing at approximately 40 ft tall. Each seat seats two to three adults with comfort.

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Fun House

The Fun House is a fun filled attraction complete with moving floors, rubber band maze, punching bags, trick mirrors, and a rotating barrel!

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The Merry-Go-Round is a classic attraction on any midway.

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Riders get to crash into their friends in motorized vehicles with giant rubber bumpers.

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Super Slide

The Super Slide is another favorite among children and adults on the midway. Guests ride down this 90 foot long fiberglass slide on felt sleds.

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Kiddie Rides

Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon, is a kid-size roller coaster in which kids ride on one of the most friendly dragons in existence!

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Kiddie Combo

The Kiddie Combo is a childrens ride complete with an assortment of vehicles including a 4x4, a School Bus, and a motorcycle.

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Mini Enterprise

The Mini Enterprise, features a combination of helicopters and space vehicles.

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Peter Paul Dragons

The Peter Paul raises and lowers riders as it rotates.

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Pumpkin Patch

As the center of the ride slowly rotates, riders can control the spin speed of their pumpkin using the giant turntable inside.

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Red Baron

Fly high on the Red Barron! These kid size bi-planes raise and lower as the ride spins.

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Rio Grande Train

A favorite among young children is the Rio Grande Train.

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Umbrella Combo

Featuring a combination of jeeps, a school bus, and a fire truck. It is a simple ride that spins in a continuous circle.

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Wave Runner

Kids love our full size Wave Runners that ride up and down around a circular track!

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