Back in the 1940's, Uncle Charlie Cosentino owned a food stand traveling New England selling Italian Sausages.  In 1947, at only 12 years old, John Fanelli traveled with him selling food and enjoying the crowds.  When John turned 18, he built his own popcorn wagon and started selling popcorn on his own. Three years had passed and shortly after John turned 21 years old, he bought his first kiddie ride and in 1956 Fanelli Carnival was born.  From there it grew into a large traveling carnival with quality equipment catering to fairs, festivals, fundraisers for various organizations, and private rentals.


John’s son, Mark was born into the business and at age 10 started working one of his father’s games.   By the time he was 12, he started working on rides; learning how to set them up and tear them down each week.  As Mark grew older, he ran his own concessions with his family’s carnival and by the time he was 28, he went out on his own and started Mark Fanelli’s Traveling Amusement park.  The family carnival, Fanelli Amusements continues to operate under the direction of Mark’s brother, Jack, and the two continue to work together on various projects and events.


Taking pride in all aspects of the carnival business, Mark Fanelli’s Traveling Amusement Park focuses on safe, family friendly, and affordable fun that caters to fairs, festivals, fundraisers, and rentals. Mark Fanelli’s Traveling Amusement Park specializes in rides for everyone from kiddie and family rides to spectacular thrill rides to game concessions with the hottest merchandise and fabulous food concessions. We provide an atmosphere that is a good time for all.


In the off season, all of our equipment is stored indoors in a 15000 sq. ft. restoration facility where the equipment is maintained to be in tip top condition for the upcoming season.


 If your event is interested in a company that takes pride in its operation and is first class, please contact us today.

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